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So you’ve outgrown the home you’ve loved for many years.

Maybe there’s not enough space, enough storage. Maybe it’s old, a little worn.
A little too lived-in.

It’s time for a move.

The great news is you don’t need new land to build a brand new home that ticks every box. You already have the land, the location, the lifestyle that you enjoy.

Save yourself the hassle of hidden renovation costs. Save your family the stress of moving, of starting over.

Stay right where you are and build yourself your brand new dream home. From the ground up, from the inside out. Custom crafted to your life and future.


Why Knock-Down-Rebuild?

Times have changed.

The traditional approach to home ownership is that when you outgrow your current home, you either buy again — elsewhere — or you stay and renovate.

Relocation is a daunting process – moving away from your familiar location, community, and surrounds, and entering a highly competitive housing market.

Renovating is also fraught with risk – unexpected costs often arise from old pipes, electrical installation, decay or outdated materials.

A knock-down-rebuild offers an ideal balance; a brand-new home perfectly tailored to your needs and personal preferences, with no nasty hidden costs, in the place which you’ve built so many special memories.


Renovating your own home often carries the risk of incurring hidden costs from old pipes, wiring, decay, mould, and more.


Buying in a new, less familiar area may expose you to uncertainty in market value, land scarcity and ongoing market volatility.


Change homes, without changing home. Build your dream home on the land you already own, and retain the life you’ve already built.

Your Home. 2.0.

Changing where you live doesn’t have to mean changing where you live.

There are innumerable great reasons to stay right where you are and perform a Knock-Down-Rebuild of your existing home.

In a nutshell, a Knock-Down-Rebuild could be your best option in two key respects: lifestyle and finances.

A new home is a lifestyle investment — for your needs, your family, and your future.

By creating a custom design, from the floor plans right down to selecting the bathroom fittings, the carpet, the paint, the lighting, you can ensure a home that ticks every box for how you want to live.

The Process

Simply get in touch today to organise a FREE, no obligation Site Assessment and Tender for your Knock-Down-Rebuild.

The expert team from IMSU will personally visit your site to assess the state of your land and the feasibility of a Knock-Down-Rebuild for your particular site. After assessing the particulars of your land and working out the potentials, we’ll put together a custom Tender including budgets and proposed time-lines for your consideration.

As far as we are able, this is a comprehensive quote to avoid any surprises, and includes everything you’ll need to get your new home built on time and on budget.

If you require assistance with the demolition of your existing home, we can offer recommendations for our approved partners who are able to complete knock-downs at a reasonable price and within your desired time frame.

Time to have some fun! The next step in your Knock-Down-Rebuild journey is the exciting task of selecting from our extensive range of incredible home designs, which have been carefully crafted to get the most out of your land.

From classic architecture to inspiring modern marvels, you can find a design and facade to suit your land, and to complement your family’s new lifestyle.

Once you decide to progress (and upon payment of the Tender Request Fee), it’s time for another, thorough site inspection of your existing land, including a soil test, contour and site survey plan, and compliance check (to confirm we comply with all relevant council regulations).

Based on your land and selected design, we’ll prepare and present to you a Fixed-Price Tender, usually within 48 hours.

We’ll take you through the Tender in detail, and answer any questions you may have. Pending receipt of a Tender Acceptance Fee, it’s time to proceed to Selections and Approvals.

This is where things really start to come together!

You’ll enjoy a Colour Studio appointment at Project Home: Gregory Hills to choose your external colours. This state-of-the-art studio is one of the largest selection studios in the country, where you’ll explore and select from a huge range of wall colours, possible highlights, kitchen colours and materials, bathroom finishes and more (with our team’s expert guidance to help you along the way). You can customise and make upgrades to your heart’s content to make sure you’ve styled your home perfectly to your taste and lifestyle.

Following all selections, you’ll sign your contracts and building approvals so all paperwork is in order for us to get underway. You’ll be able to see all your documentation and track the remaining steps via our Customer Portal.

Out with the old, in with the new. Using your selected demolition team, it’s time for the Knock-Down of your existing home to clear the land for the construction of your dream home.

Home, sweet home. The plans are complete. The materials are on the way. Everything is ready to go! After all the hard work, now you can sit back and let our world-class construction team craft your beautiful new home.

Of course, we’ll keep you updated as construction commences, and you can track progress at any time via our online Customer Portal. We’ll even keep you updated with progress photos as we go.

The IMSU Knock-Down-Rebuild Process is complete. Get excited, you’ll receive the shiny new keys to your brand new home, ready to move in.


Why Knock-Down-Rebuild with IMSU?

As Knock-Down-Rebuild specialists, we’re committed to treating your project with the respect, careful consideration and level of customer service you deserve.

This includes:


We pride ourselves on our transparent and honest approach, providing comprehensive tenders that take all costs and inclusions into consideration — so you’ll know everything you’ll need to pay right from the outset.


Compared to many providers, IMSU offers a cost effective Knock-Down-Rebuild process that can be completed within reasonable time frames, so you don’t have to worry about hidden costs or unforeseen delays.


As part of the award-winning Trend Connection Group, IMSU is a well-established brand with a reputation for outstanding quality and craftsmanship, led by some of the finest minds and skilled workers in the construction industry.


We have connections with some of the best teams in demolition, architecture, design, landscaping and more, so you’re supported by a network of everything you need to make your dream home a reality.


This decision really comes down to three key factors: the condition of your home, your budget, and the likely cost to create your dream home.

Depending on the size of your renovation, a Knock-Down-Rebuild is generally far more cost effective than renovating, and the return on investment is generally better. A KDR offers you a completely new home from the ground up, which suits your every need — versus a home with new features, retrofitted to satisfy only some of your needs.

Of course, you can patch up the old problems. But when you can start afresh in a more cost-effective way, it’s definitely worth considering a Knock-Down-Rebuild.

As soon as you’re considering a KDR, you should get in touch with us. We can help with assessment, planning and working out the most cost-effective way to provide your dream build. The sooner you start planning the better. Our team of experts can help guide you and provide all the technical advice you need to get your home started, minimising downtime and getting your new home plans underway asap.

A KDR is absolutely the most failsafe way of ensuring every brick and every grain of your new home is perfectly aligned with your new home vision. But not only that, a KDR is in many instances far more cost effective than renovation, and avoids hidden costs associated with old plumbing, outdated electrical systems and more.

Cost will be generally depend on your site condition, the materials used in your build and internal fixtures and fittings. Generally, on a standard level block the average cost/sqm can start from as low as $1,700.

Site costs include levelling out your land if it’s a sloping block, changing the location of services and connections for gas, water, NBN, Foxtel, traffic management, zoning requirements and rock removal.

It is important to bear in mind that not all Tenders include site costs. We highly recommend that you allow at least an additional 30% for any unknown or unforeseen site costs.

Yes! We happily provide you with a FREE, NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATE. If you wish to proceed thereafter, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown within our tender approximately 4 weeks after your tender request payment fee is processed. Our costings are as comprehensive and inclusive as possible. This means we include ALL costs, inclusions, upgrades, site costs PLUS a provisional allowance for rock removal and traffic control to ensure you don’t get any surprise costs down the track.

Yes. Demolition is organised by the Owner. You will need to engage the services of a licensed and insured Demolition Contractor, as once demolition is complete, we will require a Clearance Certificate. Alternatively, we can put you in contact with a preferred demolition company that can explain the full process to you.

Demolition costs vary with the size of the house, access to site, hazardous/asbestos removal, neighbouring structures, established trees and temporary fencing — all of these factors can contribute to additional demolition costs. If there is established fencing between you and your neighbours, for instance, you will need to review whether it needs to be removed, which could become a shared cost. As a rough guide, a standard demolition can start from around $20,000.

Unfortunately we cannot include tree removal in our Tender price. If you have established trees on your property which need to be removed, you may need to apply for a permit from your local council. This needs to be done before we can access your site to begin construction.

Are their additional costs if we are building our home in a flood or bushfire zone, or on a heritage listed site?
Depending on your local council, there may be additional costs involved in building in a flood or bushfire zone, or heritage listed site. If you request a Tender, we can provide what these costs are after we complete a thorough site inspection of your block.

We happily include driveways within our Fundamentals Package, and can offer landscaping design and packcages at your colour studio appointment at Project Home.