Who We Are

Working with Integrity.
Providing a Memorable, Satisfying.
Customer Experience.
Crafting Unique Products and Designs.

The pillars that drive everything we do at IMSU are so integral to our daily work, that we’ve even named the company after them.

Operating within a competitive property market, establishing a reputation as one of the best isn’t easy.

Accordingly, IMSU maintains strict adherence to not only the highest standards in design and construction, but to providing customer service that makes buying your new home an incredible, memorable experience.

Working with Integrity.

For IMSU, working with integrity means complete transparency, being accommodating and approachable with our customers, and delivering on our promises.

We aren’t afraid to make commitments. 

Exceptional results, expert craftsmanship and guaranteed on-time completion are cornerstones of our customer experience.

From our first meeting, all the way to the day you move in, you can expect expert guidance, full transparency, to-the-minute updates and friendly, honest and professional service from our team.

Providing a Memorable, Satisfying Customer Experience.

Buying a new home is one of the most important decisions and largest purchases most people will make in their lives. It should be an exciting, rewarding time, and we’re here to make the experience as engaging and enjoyable as possible.

We provide an immersive, co-creative process to create your dream home.

In consultation with our expert design team, together we’ll customise your new home to your specific taste, needs and lifestyle. From selecting floor plans and layouts even down to adjusting interior finishes, we make the process engaging, exciting and clear to understand.

Plus, throughout you’ll enjoy full access to our dedicated online Customer Portal, where you’ll receive updates, select colours, access documents, and follow the build of your new home with regular construction photos.

Crafting Unique Products and Designs.

We believe your home should be as individual and unique as you are. That’s why at IMSU we’ve gone to great lengths to custom-create an extensive portfolio of designs for you to choose from.

Our homes have all been themed by the colour spectrum, and imbued with their own distinct features and personality.

Plus we’ve created our flagship, state-of-the-art Colour Studio, where you can customise and create your own unique home design.